JANUARY 07, 2021


As women, it can be hard not to focus on our imperfections. Dwelling and focusing on one problem area can discourage an entire workout (ugh!), especially when you are unsure of how to even begin going about finding a solution.

For what feels like forever, cellulite has been a common concern and problem area for women everywhere.

But wait, let’s back it up a bit. What exactly is cellulite, and what causes it?

Simply put, cellulite is a buildup of fat just below the skin in the glutes, thighs, and other areas of the body. It appears for a variety of reasons, the most common being poor diet, poor lifestyle choices (like not exercising), age, and genetics. Since cellulite is fat, it can be hard to get rid of and requires a lot of work.

Add more protein in your diet, use a self-tanner, detox, do more squats, cardio, etc. – these are all common “methods” we hear to banish cellulite. But how can we kick it once and for all?

Try these tips and tricks to make cellulite become a thing of the past.

WEAR COPPER INFUSED CLOTHING out Copper Slim Pants that target your thighs, calves, abs and love handles! Cooper is vital to fight any cellular damage and promoting healthy connective tissue. It has properties known to stimulate collagen production in the skin, diminishing not only unwanted cellulite, but it also improves your skin’s elasticity and reduces stretch marks. Eating foods with copper (think: shellfish, dark leafy greens, and nuts) are also a great way to get your intake on top of your copper infused gear.


We know what you’re thinking, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, eat fruits and veggies..” But turns out, eating fruits and veggies more frequently is an excellent cellulite killer due to its high nutritional value and low-fat content.

Eating fruits and veggies more frequently is an excellent cellulite killer

Eating alkaline and anti-inflammatory foods are also crucial in breaking down fat. These types of foods draw out the toxins in fat, making it pass through your body. Your body can then begin to break down the actual fat, ultimately removing the cellulite.


We can’t mention toxins without thinking about dry/skin brushing. It’s an old Ayurveda trick, but if you’re not someone to get to the gym regularly, this is another excellent option to banishing cellulite.

How does rubbing a brush all over your body “remove toxins”? It stimulates your lymph nodes which play a role in reducing toxins your body gets from food, drinks, and the environment, and also reduces cellulite.

Skin brushing is also a way to break down the fatty deposits in your target areas, and help alleviate dimpling.

Eliminate toxins


The rumors are true – a regular exercise routine will make or break banishing cellulite. Why? Well, not only does working out burn fat, but it also makes you sweat. Sweating removes those unwanted toxins (see number three), allowing cellulite to break down. A high-intensity cardio workout can burn off fat faster than anything else.

A high-intensity cardio workout can burn off fat faster than anything else.

Jogging, hiking, cycling, swimming, or any other sort of exercise that keeps you moving will do wonders in breaking down that unwanted fat around areas you typically have cellulite.

The key is to find which form of exercise works best for you, so it feels less like torture and more like fun.


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Overall, it’s important to remember that if you want to get rid of cellulite, you will have to stick to the three necessary foundations – a healthy diet, a lifestyle that will limit your exposure to toxins, and the perfect cellulite-reducing exercises.