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10 Awesome Online Fitness Programs for Beginners

We tested a bunch of online apps and picked our 10 picks online fitness programs for beginners. Pick yours, reach your fitness goal and enjoy the results.

10 Awesome Online Fitness Programs for Beginners
Unless you’ve been living under a rock or been sent to Mars with Elon Musk, you should have noticed the boom that hit the fitness industry this past couple of months.

We all love a solid workout, right? What better way to customize your routine at your own time and on your own terms?

Thanks to technology, we are no longer limited to walls and fitness studios when it comes to working out. With the booming in fitness streaming platforms, we can now choose from a wide variety of high-quality workout from our own homes.

The Game Changers

We got a whole workout game-changer like Peloton, Barre3, Fiit, and ClassPass. Still, how can we get another round of applause for gyms like 54d making us go beast mode during those insane Instagram live stream workouts?

Infuse Copper in your journey

Let’s spice it up some more, shall we? We realized that the golden ticket to further turn up the temp and burn those calories is, yes, Copper.

No matter what level of fitness you’re on, Copper Slim’s a must-have workout essential that’s not only anti-bacterial and sweat-wicking but also benefits your skin and helps with muscle fatigue.

With all this in mind, we’ve listed below our top 10 favorite online fitness programs.

SWEAT: Kayla Itsines Fitness

- Where our ladies at?! SWEAT has the largest fitness community of women worldwide and hosts exclusive programs by world-class female personal trainers. Designed for women of all shapes and sizes and for all levels of fitness, the workout programs range from post-pregnancy to power building and can be done pretty much anywhere!

sweat app woman planking

Jillian Michaels Fitness App

- Unleash the beast with the award-winning personalized health and fitness app founded by Jillian Michaels. This all-in-one app is designed with top-tier advanced dynamic workout planners, diet plans, weight loss programs, and a specialized calorie counter customized just for you!

jillian michaels app working out

Fitbit: Health & Fitness

- Take information from your wearable tech to the next level with Fitbit. Fitbit takes every square inch of your daily activity into account and recommends exercises and provides fitness feedback/guidance specifically for you. Plus, it’s filled with all sorts of workout videos with step-by-step directions & tips. (perk, you can also customize each sweat session to the best workout music)

fitbit app women pilates

Peloton – at home fitness

- Thanks to Peloton, you can now enjoy loud music and motivational instructors from the comfort of your own home. Peloton is based around live classes streamed out to pretty much anyone who has a Peloton bike. Plus, Peloton doesn’t only offer just cycling classes. Meet your fitness goals with killer outdoor running, yoga, HIIT (high-intensity interval training), meditation, and core workouts provided by Peloton instructors

peloton app woman streaming workout

Glo - Yoga and Meditation

- Let’s talk about self-care and wellbeing, as we know it’s important to do some inner workout in addition to just a typical workout. Glo offers yoga classes and guided meditations that range from 5 - 120 minutes. Sweat it out with vinyasa flow or stick to the basics with its beginner yoga classes.

glo app woman stretching yoga


- Where our cardio lovers at? Take those high-intensity cardio classes to your living room with Booya! With 75% of their workouts completed with just a yoga mat, Booya offers barre, pilates, cardio kickboxing, broga (yoga just for men), sports & metabolic conditioning, and more.

booya app women dancing zumba

Alo Moves

- Find the yoga class that best suits you. Created by the trendy ultra-popular apparel brand Alo Yoga, Alo Moves offers thousands of guided yoga practice taught by world-class expert instructors. The class lengths are from 15-60 minutes long, designed for a variety of experience levels (beginner to advance).

alo moves app woman doing core workout

Strava: Run, Ride, Swim

- For those of you who love a little adventure with your workouts, Strava is the app for you. Strava allows road warriors like runners and cyclists to track their training and also connect with other uses. It records distance, speed, routes, and pace, so your stats are always just a touch away. You can even track hikes, swims, CrossFit training, and more!

strava app woman riding bicycle

PEAR – Personal Fitness Coach

- We all love a little guidance throughout our workouts. What better training than personal training from Olympians and World Champions? PEAR offers tons of unique workouts including spinning, strength, HIIT, running, and much more.

pear app woman running outdoors

ClassPass: Fitness Workout App

- Still, trying to figure out what workout’s right for you? Simple, ClassPass is the way to go. Access 4,000 free on-demand workouts or Livestream top-rated classes from your favorite studios from anywhere. Plus, you can let that competitive side of you out and go against other participants as you rank on the leaderboard.

class pass app woman stretching

What’s best for you

What to choose and how to choose it… It’s important that you go for an exercise that you’ll most of all enjoy, yet also suit your lifestyle.

We all perceive workouts differently and what might be someone's ideal/best workout, can be another’s the absolute worst nightmare.

Then again, consistency is key, and what better feeling than a post-workout feeling?

Ready to start your fitness journey?