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6 Fun, healthy and active date ideas for valentine’s day

If you’re looking for more active Valentine’s Day date ideas are adventurous and healthy, we’re here to help with six activities for couples that are guaranteed to spark romance.

6 Fun, healthy and active date ideas for valentine’s day

Wine, a fancy dinner, more wine, and a molten chocolate lava cake is not a bad way to spend Valentine’s Day with a significant other. Talk about YUM! But, if you’re looking for more active Valentine’s Day date ideas that are a bit more adventurous, and a bit less caloric than usual, we’re here to help with six fun and healthy activities for couples guaranteed to spark romance!

Check ‘em out! And before deciding on your date of choice, check out this post for some safety tips around cardio exercise.

    1. Indoor Rock Climbing

      Healthy and Active Date Ideas - Indoor Rock Climbing | Hot Vita
      Belay your babe on the rock wall to burn calories and practice trust. Most big cities have indoor rock climbing venues that welcome both first-timers and experienced climbers. If you’re a competitive couple, challenge each other to a timed race along the same route. You’ll walk away with a sense of accomplishment and arms that feel like you just did 100 push-ups.

    2. Ballroom Dancing

      Healthy and Active Date Ideas - Ballroom Dancing| Hot Vita
      Forget Dancing With The Stars. How about dancing with your hot date? Elevate your rhythm and heart rate with a calorie-burning ballroom dance class. You can walk in completely clueless and dance out the door like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, err, kinda.

    3. Take a hot yoga class

      Healthy and Active Date Ideas - Take A Hot Yoga Class  | Hot Vita
      Raise the stakes and roll out a mat at a sweaty hot yoga class with your sweetie. Bikram yoga is done at upwards of 105 degrees, so your dueling down dogs are guaranteed to get drippy. And if you’re looking for a low-impact date, yoga is a great choice!

    4. Go Skiing

      Take advantage of the season and plan the ultimate active winter date: Take your date skiing or snowboarding. There is something romantic about mountains at night: you, your bae, a quiet chairlift, and thermos of spiked hot chocolate. Then, skip the crowded restaurants and snuggle up in the chalet by the fire après-ski instead.

    5. Take a hike

      Healthy and Active Date Ideas - Take a Hike  | Hot Vita
      Hit the trail for a twist on Valentine’s Day togetherness. Revel in nature and each other. See how long you can go without pulling out your phones. You’ll enjoy working up a sweat but you won’t work so hard that you can’t talk to each other as you walk.

    6. Ride a bike

      Healthy and Active Date Ideas - Ride a Bike  | Hot Vita
      Don’t have a bike? No worries, look for local bike rentals near parks or trails. Riding bikes together is a great way to see your town from a different vantage point. It’s also fun. Enjoy the breeze, the trees or maybe even a little friendly competition.

Every date doesn’t have to involve dinner. Engaging in new activities together can help you see each other in different ways that ignite new sparks.

Looking for active outfits to wear on your Valentine’s Day date? Click here for some ideas to look super cute while out with your bae.