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Does copper kill viruses and bacterias? And how to use it for your workout routine at home.

 How is it that a doorknob might be more efficient than your anti-bacterial. Should you throw your hand sanitizer into the garbage? Of course not. 

Does copper kill viruses and bacterias? And how to use it for your workout routine at home.

How in the world is it possible that something so random like copper kills viruses and bacterias?

How is it that a doorknob might be more efficient than your anti-bacterial. Should you throw your hand sanitizer into the garbage? Of course not.

No need to speed things up, keep your antibacterial gel in your pocket and also wash your hands before you continue reading this article. We care about you!

There is a detailed scientific background that proves that copper, in fact, can kill viruses and bacteria within minutes.

Back in the 1800s a french physician called Victor Burq, took a visit to a copper factory in Paris. Clearly, they didn’t have all the safety protocols and equipment that we have nowadays, so it was a pretty dangerous job, having the first-hand contact with chemicals and other poisonous materials (not the best job in the world).

However, Burq noticed that something unusual was happening with these workers. Somehow, most of them had avoided the cholera outbreaks that the city was suffering. Evidently something in that facility had made them immune to the infectious disease.

Wondering what? You bet, it was copper.

These days it is proven that copper has antimicrobial properties, it’s an imminent threat to microbes and bacteria and can destroy them within minutes.

How is this possible? How can a simple doorknob, or a cup or some leggings with copperspire™ technology vanish all these tiny foes?

The answer is quite simple, science.

First, we have to understand that most microbes, bacteria, and germs that make us sick can live on some surfaces; and when we touch these surfaces, these organisms can spread all over our bodies.
On copper, viruses and bacteria can’t survive. Sad story (for these little monsters).

Copper has ions, and the second that a small bacteria, microbe or germ touches the surface, these electrically charged particles are released and destroys them to the core. Giving them zero chance to mutate or survive. Bad news for stainless steel.

Copper on a day to day routine

If there’s tons of evidence that copper has health benefits and is an antimicrobial superhero, why aren’t we using it on a daily basis? There are so many products that include copper such as kitchen supplies, doorknobs, jewelry, and even sportswear.
Yes, it might sound insane, yet it’s in fact true. Sportswear now includes copper in its fabric as a feature and bringing some awesome benefits along with it.

You can find belts, training tights, cooling compression tights and other products with copper technology to have a healthier and clean workout no matter what.


Copper Slim and Copperspire™ Tech

Copper Slim is changing the way you exercise, no matter where you are. Whether you’re hitting the gym, going to Crossfit or staying safe at your home; we want you to have no excuse for not keeping your fitness game on point.

Copperspire™ Tech is our patented thermal Copper technology that has copper ions woven right into the fabric and is infused into all of our activewear. This feature gives you tons of benefits.


Perhaps the most popular is that copper has significant anti-bacterial and anti-microbial qualities. That’s right, your gym clothes will never be smelly again!

Most importantly, copper focuses on you. Adding copper to your daily life can improve the condition of your skin and even your health. It helps your skin and joints produce collagen, giving you a more youthful feel and glow. Even the Egyptian goddess used Copper!

Let’s wrap it up

From kitchen supplies to doorknobs to sportswear, copper is seen and used in things and places we never imagined. Copper kills little critters like bacteria, microbes, and germs keeping you healthy all day, every day.

Not only is our Copperspire™ fabric oh so comfy with its 10x softer than traditional cotton fabric but it also increases your body temperature making you sweat up to 5x more to maximize your workout results.
You can find Copperspire™ fabric in both our Copper Slim Pants and Copper Slim Waist Belt. With just 2 easy steps, transform your lifestyle: just slip it on and sweat it out to stay fresh throughout your entire workout!

How much better can it get? Copper has it all!

This uniquely put, all in one, copper belt is one you don’t want to miss out on. Our Copper-infused tech fabric has all the health benefits for your skin and body. Plus, it can be used during your workout routines or even the most versatile exercises.

Make your life copperlicious!

If you’re ready to sweat more, strength your training and maximize your results and stop worrying about microbes and other germs, get your Copper Slim sportswear on our website or go to Amazon to orders yours today.