Product Instructions


  • Wipe down your Copper Slim™ product with a damp cloth before beginning your desired physical activity, and allow it to air or hang-dry over-night.


  • Some individuals may be sensitive to Neoprene or Neoprene-blend rubber. If a rash develops, discontinue use.
  • Copper Slim™ is designed to be worn during exercise for a maximum of 2-3 hours.
  • Do not wear your product while sleeping.
  • Copper Slim may also be worn as a shaper, underneath your day-to-day clothing; for max. 8 hours during your daily routine.
  • Before beginning any regular workout routine, always consult a physician.
  • Monitor your body when exercising. Always stay hydrated and avoid exercising in extreme heat.

How To Put My Copper Belt On


Put it on from under your legs


Slide Up


Adjust it to cover your whole stomach area

How To Wash My Coppers

  • Hand-wash them with soft soap and hang-dry them in the shade. We recommend washing your garments every two to three uses. Use a clean, wet cloth to wipe down the inside lining of your Copper Slim™ product.
  • DO NOT wash your Copper Slim™ product in a washing machine, as it may stretch or damage the fabric.

How To Apply My Gels

Copper Slim Boost Gel

Helps improve the appearance and texture of the skin. Can be used in the abdomen, back, buttocks, arms and legs. Apply a spoonful amount in the desired area and massage until completely absorbed. It can be used twice, before working out and after showering to help you tone your muscles and relieve them from the pain.

Anti-Cellulite Gel

Helps improve the appearance and texture of the skin affected with cellulite. Can be used in the lower stomach, hips, legs and buttocks. Apply a spoonful amount, massaging with your knuckes in a circular upwards motion until completely absorbed. Can be used twice a day.

Sweat Now Gel

Helps maximize your workout routines, sweat more, tone your skin and improve circulation. Works best when used before doing cardio, circuit and high interval training. Can be used in the abdomen, arms and legs. Apply a handful amount, massaging in circular upwards motion until is absorbed completely, before your workout routines.

Copper Collagen Cream

Helps improve the appearance and texture of the skin, revitalizing and rejuvenating it. Can be used in arms, legs, abdomen, hips and buttocks. Apply a spoonful amount, massaging in a circular upwards motion until completely absorbed. Can be used twice a day.

How To Drink The Slimming Tea

Start and finish your days with a cup of Dr. Ming tea!

How does it work?

Our Dr. Ming Tea natural ingredients help your body to detox your body, eliminating whatever you don't need and keeping a faster metabolism, so you're full of energy day by day.

What are the ingredients?

Our Dr. Ming Tea is 100% made with organic ingredients. These are: Citrus Sinesis, Green Tea, Senna, Peppermint, Licorice Root, Uva Ursi. The perfect combination of these ingredients gives awesome benefits! Get yours at!

Where can I get the tea?

You can definitely get all the Dr. Ming products at!

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What is Copperspire Tech™?

It is our patented thermal Copper technology that has Copper ions woven right into the fabric and it’s infused into all of our activewear. Providing a variety of skin and health benefits from the moment it touches your skin, elevates your potential to train better, perform better and feel better.

What are the benefits of Copperspire Tech ™?

  • Increases body temperature to sweat up to 5X more than you normally would.
  • Develop an hourglass figure and trim down your waistline
  • Provides lumbar support by improving back posture
  • Improves skin appearance
  • Sweat-wicking material to keep you fresh throughout your workouts
  • Designed to be sleek and flexible to keep up with even the most versatile exercises.

Are the Coppers safe? Are they FDA approved?

Our Copper Slim products are completely safe, they're manufactured with Copper infused fabric (Copperspire Tech™) that will help maximize and optimize your workouts. Also, since these products are garments that are meant to be worn externally, FDA approval is not required (FDA approval is required for human and animal drugs, medical biologics, medical devices, food, tobacco products, cosmetics, electronic products that emit radiation).

Is this FSA HSA Elegible?

No, Copper Slim is not HSA/FSA Elegible

How to use my Coppers?

The best way is during exercise! That way, you can activate its Copperspire Tech

Not sweating with my Copper

If you're not dripping sweat means that our Copper is actually working! One of Copper Slim's great benefits is that it's made with sweat-wicking material that absorbs moisture, avoiding your sweat from dripping off of the garment and onto your clothes. This is why it may seem like you're not sweating as much, when in reality you are, it's just being awesomely absorbed. Your Copper Belt is working wonderfully!

How can I contact you?

Email us at and our wonderful team will contact you as soon as possible.

Can I wear my Copper Slim all day?

We recommend using it for up to 8 hours a day, you should not sleep with it, your body and skin need to rest.

Are the Coppers safe? Are they FDA approved?

Check out our Self Service platform right here: You'll only need your Order number and your Zip code and you’ll get your Return Label at the end of your process!

How can I exchange or return my order?

Do they roll up/down?

This usually happens when the size is too big, so choosing the correct size is crucial for this not to happen.

What size am I?

What size do you usually wear between XS and 4XL? Normally we suggest choosing the same size as your clothes, we have a true size chart that will also give you a better guide!

What is the Copper Waist Trainer designed for?

The waist trainer is designed to give an additional compression to the one that the belt is already giving you. It comes with Velcro, it's adjustable and you wear it above the Belt at the height of your waist line.

Copper Pants

What is the function of the Copper Slim Pants?

Designed with stay-put feel, our high-waisted Copper Slim Capri pants are the one versatile exercise outfit piece that can move with you. Their sleek design and stylish mesh detail make them not just workout leggings, but also errands pants, brunch pants, or really just anytime pants.