JANUARY 30, 2020


It’s that time of year again, athleisure season! Bust out the leggings and capri workout pants, ladies! We know what you’re thinking. Why now? Well, because it’s the beginning of the year and basically everyone is getting after their New Year’s resolutions. Us included.

And because we love this time of year SO much, we wanted to share some workout outfit ideas that can be worn all month long (or beyond!). So for those of you who don’t know wear with your leggings, high waisted workout pants, capri workout pants, or gym leggings, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re peddling your way through your spin class or off to yoga - we believe your fitness gear game needs to match your results, lifestyle, and body. So let’s get to it...

1. Copper Pants + a sports bra

Copper Pants - Copper Slim

We love this traditional workout look for an active babe on the go! For those who hate sweaty clothes sticking to your torso during your workout (ick!) or just want to show off your hard-earned figure at the gym - the sports bra paired with our Copper Pants is the way to go. Hand’s down. Especially during leg-day. The Copper Pants are designed with light thermal fabrics, and a high-rise waist for a stay-put feel while making you sweat more to promote weight loss around your glutes and thighs.

2. Copper Pants + a t-shirt

Whatever you’re up to, Copper Slim gear is super versatile to wear on the day-today. We love how well the Copper Pants black pairs with a simple basic tee for a to-and-from look. Or even a sweater to dress it up a bit!

3. Copper Slim Kit + a tank or sports bra

Copper Slim Kit - Copper Slim

Black on black is our go-to outfit for everything, really. But especially at the gym, because it tends to hide any and all sweat stains! We love wearing our black Copper Belt with the black Copper Pants for a ninja-like, “I get stuff done” look. We like to top it off with a sports bra! But a tank works just as well for those looking to hide the belt over a top. Pair it with your hair high on your head and headphones, and you will look ready to crush it at the gym, babe!

Wanna learn more about the benefits of copper-infused gear? Head to this blog post to learn more! As always, happy sweating babes. 😊